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Before & After

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Veneers:  The patient wanted to address the size, texture, shape, and color of the teeth.  In this particular situation, these "no-prep" porcelain veneers were able to be done without any drilling on the teeth. 
Single Anterior Implant
Dental Implants:  Dental implants have become common-place to replace one single or multiple teeth.  This patient wanted to replace her front tooth with a long-term, fixed option.
Multiple Implant-Supported Bridges
Dental Implants:  This patient was going to lose most of his teeth.  He wanted a natural-looking and long term solution that allowed him to keep some of his teeth.  This was achieved by implant-supported fixed bridges.
Upper Non-Removable Implant Denture with Lower Removal Partial Denture
Upper Non-Removable Implant Denture with Lower Removable Partial Denture:  This patient had upper teeth that had to be removed.  We replaced his upper teeth with implants and a denture that is screwed into place.  The patient then opted for a traditional removable partial denture for his missing lower back teeth.
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